Thursday, January 22, 2015

Crypto Next Platform Technology Update

This is a brief report on recent technology updates, bug fixes and added features to the Crypto Next platform, aimed at exchange users, white label operators and the general public.

Last upload: 20th January 2015

Updated features:

- Transfer by email is now fully operational on the platform. Users can create an account, deposit money and send coins to others by email. If the recipient does not have an account on the specific exchange, they will get a message inviting them to create an account in order to receive the transfer. To protect exchange operators, users are unable to transfer funds to other exchanges within the platform's network.

- Transactions now have a "+" symbol, where the following information is displayed: (balances are also shown on each transaction)

  • Withdrawal – Shows which address funds have gone to, as well as the transfer confirmation, allowing for tracing on the blockchain
  • Transfer received – from which email
  • Transfer sent – to which email
  • Fee received – from which email and the user ID #
  • Buy / Sell – At which exchange rate (both ways)

- Deposit Limits – This is now fully operational:
  • Level 0 - Email verified. No personal information provided. Only deposits, withdrawals and trading of DIGITAL CURRENCY are authorized. 
  • Level 1 - Personal information completed. Deposits, withdrawals and trading of FIAT CURRENCY allowed with deposit levels of GBP 100 per day and GBP 1,000 per month (or local equivalent).
  • Level 2 - Scanned copy of photo ID and proof of address (NOTE: Proof of address may NOT be older than 3 months).  Deposits, withdrawals and trading of FIAT CURRENCY allowed with deposit levels of GBP 1,000 per day and GBP 5,000 per month (or local equivalent).
  • Level 3 - Original certified photo ID and proof of address, both translated into English, submitted and approved. Unlimited deposits, withdrawals and trades allowed. 
(NOTE: Proof of funds may be requested for Level 3)

- Bitcoin 2.0 platforms: Deposits and withdrawals of MSC (Omni) assets can now be made. Deposits of all XCP assets can also be made.

*** Unique to Crypto Next: A support account has been created to which each asset transaction commission is transferred, and which in turn pays for withdrawals, trades, etc. ***

- User Management – Display issues have been resolved and edit user options are now fully operational.

- API – API documentation has been written and API Keys can now be created. This is being tested.

- Languages – English, Spanish, Dutch are completed. Greek, Russian, Hebrew, French, German are close to completion.

- White Label creation – This is now fully automated and operational. Apart from the SSL, the system administrator can activate a WL by himself without the need for a developer.

- Memcache is fully operational.

- Trades are working and system has been tested up to 3,000 trades per minute.

If you have any questions about this update, please contact us on

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