Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Press Release: Crypto Next Can Turn Online Bitcoin Users Into Remittance Agents

Digital Payments Platform Crypto Next Launches Its Unique Cashier Point System, Which Enables Digital Currency Exchange Users To Perform Global Remittance Services

Isle of Man - 1 September 2015- Crypto Next today announces its Cashier Point System, whereby any user on any of the company’s white label exchanges can apply to become a cash distribution point, much like a digital, global exchange bureau. 

Users that have signed up for the service can accept and distribute currency using the Crypto Next platform as a transfer means, and move funds across the globe from one cashier point to another, for a fraction of the price of traditional exchange systems.   According to the World Bank, sending remittances costs an average of 7.68 percent.  With the Crypto Next, the cashier points set their own commission rates, which can be as low as 0% (if they choose to be generous).

Applying to become a cashier point is a free service provided by the digital currency platform and its white label exchange operators, which include www.bitcoinsgreece.com, www.bitcoinxromania.com, www.targoexchange.com, www.coinqx.com to name a few.  In order to qualify, users must merely provide AML/KYC documentation and apply for the service via the Crypto Next or the white label platform.  

“Organisations have been trying to use digital currency as a remittance service since the adoption of bitcoin, with mixed success.  Our service now offers a simple, global solution that allows anyone to become a remittance point,” says Crypto Next CEO Sharon Greenberg.  

Greek exchange http://www.bitcoinsgreece.com has already signed up for the cashier service and is successfully providing a comprehensive solution to capital controls restricting the movement of currency out of Greece.  The Crypto Next cashier system allows anyone in any country, regardless of controls imposed on traditional banking systems, to deposit money onto the platform and use it to withdraw funds elsewhere.  

Please go to the Cashier Page on Crypto Next’s website for more information.

About Crypto Next

A global digital payments platform, Crypto Next was incorporated in the Isle of Man in June 2014, and provides exchange operators with white label solutions that include a regulatory framework provided by the Isle of Man, as well as multiple language and currency options, as well as unique products and services such as create your own token and listing your alt coin.

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