Sunday, May 17, 2015

Crypto Next System Update May 2015

Welcome to our May 2015 report on technology updates, bug fixes and added features to the Crypto Next platform, aimed at exchange users, white label operators and the general public.

Completed Tasks

- The Public Markets Page has been completed and White Labels (WLs) can now display the page on their front end.  Note: The page will only display the markets as selected in the White Label control panel.

- The Astropay system has now been fully integrated and the Crypto Next platform supports deposits and withdrawals in Brazilean Real, Chilean Peso, Mexican Peso, Peruvian Nuevo Sol, Uruguayan Peso, Argentine Peso and Colombian Peso.

- The Create Your Own Market Pair feature now allows anyone to set their own markets. Crypto Next will add any digital currency to the platform (for a fee of BTC 2 to cover the installation costs) and as such any Digital Currency can now be traded against any other currency (including fiat!).  Crypto Next will install the currency, but it is up to the digital currency holders to create an account, deposit the currency and establish the markets.

- A currency and fees page has been added to show the currencies supported by the platform, and the fees charged in the system.  Each WL sets their own fees in the control panel, and this page is available to be added to their front end.

- An additional safety feature has been added: User accounts can now be suspended by modules (login, deposits (dc/fiat), trades (dc/fiat), transfers (dc/fiat), withdrawals (dc/fiat)) so that specific activity rights can be removed from a user's account in the case of suspicious activity, allowing WL to quickly react if a dubious activity is identified on a user account.

- AML/CFT policy has been added to the registration page.

- Deposits, withdrawals and transfers have been separated, on the request of our accountants, so the system can be audited more easily by auditors at year end. This will also allow for faster audits to prove all currencies are where they are supposed to be. It is Crypto Next's intention to show all the balances on the system at all times and provide a quarterly (possibly even monthly) report of proof of funds signed off by the auditors (fiat and internal tokens) and of course the blockchains themselves for digital currencies.

Pending Tasks

- 2.0 Assets to be traded

- App (Unfortunately this has been delayed a little as the work is being done by an external team)

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