Monday, April 27, 2015

Crypto Next System Update

Welcome to our end of month report on technology updates, bug fixes and added features to the Crypto Next platform, aimed at exchange users, white label operators and the general public.

Completed tasks:

- The Create Account page of all Crypto Next exchanges now correctly displays the terms and conditions and privacy policy:

  • Please ensure that your logos, company name, display name and all other details are correct in the White Lable control panel, else the T&C's and Privacy Policy will not be displayed correctly

  • Please remove any links to Terms and Privacy Policies on your site and link them to the new pages

- The user management has been improved by adding a button to view individual user transactions

- Withdrawal fees can now be set

- Transfer fees can now be set

- Reference field has been added to transfers and withdrawals

- Trading pairs can be set by people who have balances of coins

- All order books have been cleaned (purged) to allow the new updates to take effect

- Market graph has been changed to a more detailed chart

- The displayed orders are now clickable and will automatically populate the order field, thus a two click trade is now possible

- A fourth column has been added to the buy and sell order list, displaying the sum of the accumulated orders (depth)

- Upon request by several clients, we have opened the token creation system for White Labels, so they can create their own tokens

- Flavicon logo has been added to White Label control panel so each White Label displays their own Flavicon logo

- Colour changes are now possible, allowing White Labels to have their own colour scheme in the system

- Astropay has been added so Crypto Next now covers 16 fiat currencies. (It will go live as soon as the Portuguese translation is finished)

New Exchanges:

- A company in Holland has signed up and they are expected to go live during May once their website is finished

- A company in Brazil has signed up and they are ready to go live as soon as they finish the Portuguese translation

- An exchange for Romania has signed up and is ready to go live as soon as they finish the Romanian translation

- A currency company in the UK has signed up and will go live as soon as their website is finished

- BanxTrade has signed up and has gone live

- One more location has gone live, but we are not allowed to disclose it yet, due to their upcoming PR launch

Tasks in progress:

- Omni assets to be deposited, traded and withdrawn

  • This allows funding of your account with Tether

- Counterparty assets to be deposited, traded and withdrawn

- Most of the API has been tested by AlgoBit and a new version (1.00.03) has been uploaded

  • More testing is still ongoing

- Apps (wallet and trading) are being built for Android and iOS and should be live by the middle of May for all White Label agents

Additional tasks have been added to the roadmap, but we are keeping this under our hat, so as not to give away all the surprises :)!

Funding round

Crypto Next is going to embark on a funding round for expansion of its development team, to roll out additional functionalities faster.  Crypto Next is opening an investment opportunity to friends family and associates only, before opening the official funding round.  If you fall under this category and are interested, please let us know and we will provide access to our Virtual Data Room.