Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Inside Bitcoins Conference Tel Aviv Day 1 (local time, GMT +2)

Highlights from the afternoon:

Overall, the conference was amazingly punctual given the Israelis' highly mediterranean standards in timekeeping.  There were some fantastic speakers with an eclectic choice of topics, from politics to scalability, finance and bitcoin 2.0.  It is difficult to pick the highlights given the quality of presentations and volume of information, so we will just say thanks to the La'Zooz team for the much needed beers they kindly distributed at the end of the conference!

17.00: And last but not least... Zennet presentation by Amnon Dafni, Co-Founder
16.50:  Launch of, making bitcoin social! By Ofir Dotan Founder & CEO

16.35: Can Bitcoin scale? A fascinating presentation by Dr. Aviv Zohar -of the Hebrew university Jerusalem

15.55: Business opportunities in the Bitcoin sphere

13.50: Bitcoin present and future: A popular panel with Eden Shochat of Alpha VC and
Dr. Edward Offenbacher from The Bank of Israel (we haven't seen quite so many people crammed into the conference hall so far)
14.05: The Bitcoin apocalypse: A panel shares its theories on how bitcoin could die a slow and painful death - and what can save it from such an end.

13.55:  Crypto Next product launch!!!  We unveil the first automated digital currency exchange generator, and give away up to $50,000 worth of CXC.  Vouchers will be redeemable until 23rd October 2014:


13.40: Economics of decentralized applications by our new friend Dario Mutabdzija, Co-Founder of Koinify

Highlights from the morning:

A lot of talk about regulation and non-financial applications of bitcoin.  We learned a lot about banking in different jurisdictions and about potential uses of the blockchain, from buying genuine wine to smart property contracts.

Most speakers are local Israelis, and attendees appear to be too.  The turnout is excellent this morning, over 200 people for sure...

Looking forward to the afternoon!

12.05:  La'Zooz Launch; awesome decentralized transportation platform

11.15 Panel on Bitcoin 2.0

11.05:  MyPowers presentation

10.45:  Ron Gross on decentralised politics of bitcoin

10.10:  Panel on banking and regulation

10.00:  Nadav Ivgi on trust issues in the Bitcoin world, prelaunch of BitTrust2.0 (Beta)

09.40:  Yoni Assia, Founder of eToro, introduces colored coins (that's coloured to our UK audience)

09.15:  David Johnston talks about decentralisation, protocol ecosystems, BitAngels, Ethereum, Bitcoin 2.0

09.00: An incredibly punctual introduction to the Inside Bitcoins conference, and Bitcoin in Israel, by Meni Rosenfeld:

08.30:  Good morning from the Inside Bitcoins Conference in Tel Aviv!


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