Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Crypto Next Interview With Ron Gross of Mastercoin Project

Ron Gross is Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Mastercoin foundation. He spoke to Crypto Next Plc in Tel Aviv, following the launch of its coin, Crypto Next Coin (CXC), which is based on the Mastercoin protocol.

Crypto Next: What drew you to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in the first place?
Ron Gross: Digital currencies have the potential to change the world. They display solid economics and massive technological potential. I have been involved with Bitcoin since 2011 and really appreciate the people behind it. 

Crypto Next: How do you see the world of cryptocurrency developing in the future? 
Ron Gross: Cryptocurrencies are just in their infancy right now.  In time their use will become easier as regulation becomes widespread and the world will learn to deal with digital currency such as Bitcoin. We believe that there will be a three pronged adaptation process, by: users, visitors and government. We can already see Bitcoin being used in more and more places and its uses are becoming more advanced as well.  For example, Bitcoin is now being used in financial services.

Crypto Next:  How does the Israeli Bitcoin community relate to the rest of the world?
Ron Gross:  Israel is a cryptocurrency hub.  There is a big Bitcoin community here both in terms of activist and innovators.  There is a high level of consumer adoption in the country whereby shops accept Bitcoin, and the community is very active, with fortnightly Meetups and a big conference coming up in Tel Aviv being prime examples.

Crypto Next:  What is still missing from the Bitcoin market?
Ron Gross:  Two main things; adoption by larger players and regulation.  I believe that someday Bitcoin will be in the mainstream, some players will (and have been) very fast to adopt it, and some will be more conservative.  Either way, there will be a domino effect once these two barriers begin to come down.

Crypto Next: What does Mastercoin have coming up?
Ron Gross: We are soon to be launching our Mastercore platform.  This is a platform that is easy to integrate so it should facilitate more exchanges, add liquidity, facilitate crowd sales and add several helpful tools.  We plan to go live with the platform on the 1st August 2014, so really soon.

Crypto Next: How do you see Mastercoin and Crypto Next's relationship developing?
Ron Gross: I see Crypto Next becoming a part of Mastercoin's affiliates program.  As Crypto Next expands its services and defines its needs, Mastercoin will be able to accommodate its needs with our protocol and new Mastercore platform.