Thursday, June 25, 2015

Press Release: Forget Bitcoin - HellasCoin is Greece’s New Lifeboat

Forget Bitcoin - HellasCoin is Greece’s New Lifeboat

London - 25 June 2015 - Traffic at, the largest digital currency exchange in the Greek market, has surged over the last few days - but not for the reasons you might expect.  

As talks of a Greek exit from the Euro Zone reach a critical point, the popularity of the digital currency bitcoin has noticeably increased, but bitcoin may not be the digital answer to Greece’s problems as an alternative contender has entered the scene.  

Despite bitcoin’s steady rise of around five percent since Monday, according to the Coindesk, interest inHellasCoin (HLC), the only Greek digital currency, has increased even more significantly.  Data provided by Bitcoins Greece suggests its popularity has grown by more than 100% since the beginning of June.

Hellas Coin, which was recently integrated into the Bitcoins Greece exchange, is the first Greek Digital currency, and Bitcoins Greece Founder, Eleni Varela, believes its trade could increase by tenfold in the coming weeks.  She says, 

“As Greece’s primary digital currency exchange, it was important for us to integrate a coin that was specifically Greek.  It is especially significant now that the Greek economy is again in the spotlight, as is demonstrated by the increased interest in HellasCoin on our platform”

Bitcoins Greece is the only platform in the Greek market offering trading for all cryptocurrencies, available in the Greek language and also providing customer support in Greek.  Powered by white label payments platform, Crypto Next, that provides the exchange’s regulatory framework, shared order book and language capabilities, Bitcoins Greece aims to dominate the Greek digital currency market, and is responsible for bringing the first BTC ATM to Greece.  

To date, 129 Greek companies have applied to accept HellasCoin as a payment method and a HellasCoin ambassador exists in every Greek city, totaling over 240 ambassadors nationwide.  Hellascoin is undergoing funding negotiations for over one million Euros.

About Bitcoins Greece

Founded in October 2014 by Eleni Varela, a Management Consultant who shares her time between the UK and Athens, Bitcoins Greece is the only platform in the Greek market offering trading for all cryptocurrencies, and offering users a shared order book that expands liquidity beyond Greece.  Powered by white label platform Crypt Next, the exchange is a digital trading space designed to serve the Greek digital currency market, and aimed at both both first-timers bitcoin users and and seasoned crypto currency enthusiasts.  The platform has been optimized for the Greek language and the company provides Greek customer support with a 24 hour response time.  

About HellasCoin

HellasCoin has been developed by a leading Greek web services company, Velvet Studio, which also manages ten of the most visited news and online radio sites in Greece, with over a million daily visits. 

The HellasCoin project has been approved by the Hellenic Ministry of Development, including the General Secretariat for Research & Technology, Greek Research and Technology Network, National Centre of Social Research General, and Secretariat of Public Administration & e-Government.  

About Crypto Next

A digital payments platform, Crypto Next was incorporated in the Isle of Man in June 2014, and provides exchange operators with white label solutions that include a regulatory framework provided by the Isle of Man, as well as multiple language and currency options.  Crypto Next recently released its “create your own market pair” feature which allows coin developers or holders to list any digital currency on the Crypto Next platform.


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