Sunday, August 23, 2015

Crypto Next System Update August 2015

Welcome to our August 2015 report on technology updates, fixes and added features to the Crypto Next platform, aimed at exchange users, white label operators and the general public.

Unique Cashier System

After much development, Crypto Next has released a unique cashier point system, whereby any user on any white label platform can apply to become a cash distribution point, much like a digital, global exchange bureau.  Like a remittance point, users can accept and distribute currency using the Crypto Next platform as a transfer means, and move funds across the globe from one cashier point to another, for a fraction of the price of traditional exchange systems.  

Greek exchange has signed up for the cashier service and is providing a comprehensive solution to capital controls restricting the movement of currency out of Greece.  The Crypto Next cashier system allows anyone in any country, regardless of controls imposed on traditional banking systems, to deposit money onto the platform and use it to withdraw funds elsewhere.  

Please go to the cashier page on Crypto Next’s website for more information:

Ether Added to Crypto Next Platform

Due to requests by platform users, the Ethereum cryptocurrency, Ether, has been added to the Crypto Next platform and can now be traded against any other currency on the system.  Now the digital currency can be deposited and market pairings for Ether can be set.  These will automatically appear on the Crypto Next exchange, as well as be available on all the white label exchanges in the network, if the white label operator chooses to include Ether.  

Crypto Next Website Pages

Additional pages reflecting updated products and services have been added to the Crypto Next website, with information and sign-up instructions.  Sections include:

White Label Exchange
Add Altcoin
Create Your Own Token
Become a Cashier

Added KYC

An additional security level has been added to the Crypto Next platform.  In order to make withdrawals easier and avoid mistakes with IBAN and SWIFT numbers, users will now have to upload a bank statement to the platform’s bank details section.  Crypto Next users can now also add multiple bank accounts to their accounts.


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